Friday 2 March 2018

A couple things and a new project.

I saw something on twitter around new years, and I apologize to the person that posted it as I don't remember who it was, about spending more time enjoying the cards you have over spending on new stuff. That, along with the need to make tcdb current has lead to the second re-organize of my Rockies cards, split into 6 areas.

1. The Pitcher Binder
2. The Hitter Binder
3. The Catcher/Acetate/Minis Binder
4. Penny Sleeve Keepers
5. Penny Sleeve Traders
6. Top Loaders & One Touchs

I really struggle with the binder on how to sort, right now it's alphabetically, starting a new page at each letter to leave room for future cards, this seems to work best for finding things, but leaves a lot of empty pockets. If anyone reading this has any input on team binders I would be interested to hear what other people do.

While this has kept me busy, it really leads to very few posts, other than potentially "look what I found in a box that I forgot I had".

To fill the gaps I am starting to post things from my custom project, making a card of every Rockies player than never had one. I couldn't think of a name so it ending up being "Rockies Legacy Collection". There is a logo an everything. See, it's up and too the right. It will give a chance to post some customs and maybe get some feedback on improvements on customs, and a chance to talk about my favorite subject, obscure Rockies players.

Also a small ask for help with the project above, if anyone has access to old Rockies Magazines there are guys I don'h have pictures of that need customs, if anyone has a bunch laying around, I could point to the issues that might have something I need to cut down on searching, just throwing that out there.

Kind of rambly and not much to look at, but a "state of the blog" I felt like I needed to do, thanks for reading.


  1. Nice, I love customs. Will these be originals or based on a design from the year they are missing?

    DO you have a list of guys you are looking for?

    1. Random years and brands, whatever matches the photo best in some cases, I have a list in spreadsheet form, will post it here in a friendlier format, thanks for the interest!

  2. Not sure we are "friends" on TCDB. What's your name there? I know that I have some Rockies stuff...always willing to look and see if it's something you need.

    Also, I'm with you on spending more time on what you already have. Last weekend I went to Lowe's and spent $110 on a shelving unit for my cards. I'll be as organized and efficient as I have as an adult. When I was a kid and had more "spare" time, I was really organized. I'd love to get back to that.

  3. "spending more time enjoying the cards you have over spending on new stuff". A great reminder.