Tuesday 27 March 2012

COMC Mailday, Pt I, Catcher Bat cards

Life has suddenly got stupidly busy, so I am going to try and spread out the contents of the newest COMC package into a few smaller posts rather than one huge one. The first few cards help fill out the new "All-Time Catcher Home Run Bat Cards" project, with a Jorge Posada, Mike Piazza, and Ivan Rodriguez. The Posada and the Pudge feature catching gear which is nice, and the Piazza is not a Dodger making it awesome. Along with the Gary Carter from a previous mailday this gives me 4 of the top 10 home run hitting catcher bat cards.


  1. I hope someday they make a Joe Mauer card with an authentic used bandage so I can start my All-Time Most Injured Catcher collection. ;)

  2. Now I know why Topher was laughing about Joe Mauer! Nice cards.