Monday 12 March 2012

Redskins trying to win Offseason again

I was away all weekend and missed all the Redskins trade stuff until this morning. I looks like the Colts will take Andrew Luck and the Redskins traded up to probably pick Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III. It looks like another stupid Redskins making a off season splash, but looking closer, it might not be that bad. They only lose 2 first round picks and a second and the 2014 first rounder is so far away it is only valued as a 3rd this year going by the draft value chart. My worry is that this reeks of Shanahan trying something desperate to keep his job and this buys him a few years to develop RG3. As a longtime Skins fan, I have become pretty pessimistic on the moves they make, but this might be the one that turns the franchise around, or he could just be another Heath Shuler or Desmond Howard any one one of a long line of busts and failures.


  1. My friend is selling off all his Redskin memorabilia. He's had it with the decision making. He's afraid RG3 will be too short.
    I'll wait and see if they add decent receivers and a line to protect him....

  2. It's hard to hate your favorite team, I feel his pain.

  3. I too am a longtime Skins fan (from the Sonny J/Billy K years for the record "I like Sonny" - Heck I liked Billy also). The Skins have made too many painful decisions in the last few years maybe even longer. I will never know why they did that Albert Hainswerth thing. I don't think he helped an anyway when he wore the Burgandy and Gold. If they don't get anywhere in a season I at least like the seasons where they kick Dallas' butt both times they play them.