Friday, 2 March 2012

Mailday: Sportlots Part 1

I have been seriously missing out, I just found out about so I thought I would try it out, way more cards than any other site I have found and the shipping costs are very reasonable, much more so than COMC. Just got in two small packages and am waiting on the larger one and these kicked the crap out of my want list. The package today knocked 4 cards off my ten most wanted. I am still not sure if the 1998 Manwaring has rain or snow but bad weather baseball cards are pretty cool. Also checked off the Craig Counsell rookie and a serial numbered Roberto Ramirez rookie.

Added a few to the "One of every Rockies" collection with a Royce Clayton Gold Medallion, Esmil Rogers Ginter rookie card, a Brad Ausmus "Zero year" card and a Target Red Drew Pomeranz from 2012.
and a couple for the catcher collection, Mike Piazza with the Marlins and Ron Hassey with the Expos. Hassey only caught in 34 games for the Expos, but managed to catch his second career perfect game, this one tossed by "El Presidente" Dennis Martinez. I miss Stadium Club, the rookie card on the back of the card was a great idea, Topps could easily scrap Opening Day and one of the Uber-High End sets and bring back Stadium Club.

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