Friday 1 March 2013

Blown Budget Mailday: 2013 Topps Platinum

We have a new record holder for the most I have spend on a single card. This is the first true 1 of 1 I have ever owned (I don't count printing plates because there are 4 of them), the thrill of the bid on eBay got the best of me here. It's a card I was pretty sure to never see again, but not being a huge fan of Ramon Hernandez, I could have lived without it. Interesting note, as far as I can tell Hernandez is the active leader for homer runs by a catcher with 160. There are have been trade rumors all winter, so I have officially jinxed Hernandez to either get traded or have a terrible year.

Between this, MLB 13: The Show and saving for 2 boxes of Gypsy Queen in April, March will be a slow month for card purchases other than chasing the rainbow on this card, I already have the Black and will be on the lookout for the rest of the parallels and maybe try and get a frame display or something for them.


  1. Nice pickup!

    Not a shocker that a Rockie leads a home run category, but I wouldn't have guessed it in a dozen tries.

  2. Is it a "homer" run when it is hit by a team that's not usually in the playoffs?