Monday 18 March 2013

Needed Nine (Want List Rev 3)

Just updating my most wanted cards listed on the right side bar.

Acquired October 2013
2013 Topps Pink Ramon Hernandez

The quest for the rainbow started with buying the Platinum, still need the following:
- Walmart Blue Border
- Target Red Border
- Pink
- All printing plates
Larry Walker 2000 Topps Tek #23 (patterns 3, 8, 11, 20)Part of my acetate obsession, these are the last four needed to complete the Larry Walker set of 20 patterns.
Acquired July 2013
Chris Richard 2003 Topps Total #204
One of the last players needed for the one card of every Rockies player project. Not a player I remember who played in 19 games with Colorado, starting only 3. Interestingly enough he is the Durham Bulls all-time home run leader.
Acquired July 2013
Justin Speier 2003 Upper Deck 40-Man #759
One of the last players needed for the one card of every Rockies player project. A part time closer, saved 9 games with the Rockies in 2003. Had a solid MLB career with a 35-33 record and 17 saves over 613 games.

Acquired October 2013
Aaron Ledesma 2000 Showdown #49
A card that has been on my most wanted since before this blog started, I should should just stop being lazy and buy a copy.

Bobby Jones 1999 Pacific #147
Another player most people never heard of have forgotten about, Pacific was really good for giving cards to players that wouldn't usually get one, I love these kind of cards.
1998 SkyBox E-X2001 #57 Darryl Kile
Another acetate card, I always loved watching Kile pitch even though his time in Denver didn't really work out.

Acquired July 2013
Rob Johnson 2003 Topps Total #254 (NFL)
 The only card I know of that has Johnson in a Redskins uniform, he only attempted 7 passes in parts of two games so I imagine this is it.
Acquired May 2013
Frank Wycheck 1994 Playoff #190 (NFL)

Wycheck's only Redskins card, a carry over from the last list.

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