Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Deduno, who pitched last night...

 Congrats to the Dominican Republic and Rockies product Samuel Deduno who got his second win of the tournament in the final game and finished with one run allowed and 17 k's over 13 total innings. Deduno only pitched in 4 games for Colorado, but pitched in the Rockies system from 2004-2010, and is possibly best remembered for a series of bad puns.

- Who pitched last night?
- Deduno.
- No, I don't know, that's why I asked you.
- Deduno pitched last night.
- No, I seriously don't know, do you?

 Pedro Strop, who started as a shortstop in the Rockies system led the tourney with 3 wins and was a stud out of the bull-pen, but I have nothing funny to say about him.


  1. Now that he's with the Twins, and with as poor as the Twins pitching staff has been since Johan Santana left, the fans around here are now looking at Deduno as the next Francisco LIriano--which is ironic because he ended up being pretty terrible. lol