Monday 28 April 2014

I Guess 20 Bucks Doesn't Get You Much Anymore

A few ill advised purchases from the LCS, options were limited as they were sold out of Gypsy Queen, new Bowman hasn't hit Hobby stores yet and. My baseball options were limited to 2014 Topps Flagship, 2013 Bowman and 2013 Bowman Chrome, even their supply of 2013 Bowman Draft has run out. I needed some supplies and didn't feel right spending 4 bucks and leaving so I decided on a sampling of hockey, I was told Fleer Showcase was selling well so I picked up a 9 dollar pack along with a 9 dollar pack of Between the Pipes. The Showcase pack looked big, but it contained the largest cardboard plug I have ever seen, it was at that point I noticed the it said 5 cards per pack on the wrapper. Pretty disappointing for $2 a card. The base cards are kind of ugly and nothing about them says "high-end" to me. It was kind of cool to pull a Chara while listening to the Bruins game 5 win on the radio though. The insert is a Metal Universe of Vladimir Tarasenko, it didn't scan worth a crap, but looks awesome in person, If they just made a Metal Universe set, I would probably pick up a box.

The Between the Pipes pack had 9 cards, so more bang for your bucks there, and nicer cards if you ask me. The CHL cards are nice and even though the set is unlicensed, I am counting the Pete Peeters as a Bruins card. These are really nice cards and I wish I would have bought two packs of these instead of the Showcase pack.

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