Wednesday 21 December 2016

2016 Bowman Draft - Just a Taste

Usually my LCS trips are for supplies and I buy cards because I feel dumb buying supplies and no cards, this time I went to buy cards. I try and buy some Bowman Draft every year, even though every year it gets weirder to buy pictures of high school kids, most of which I will never hear of, and the rest will make more money by the time they are 25 than I will in my life, but if I quit doing weird things, I wouldn't do much of anything really.

What better way to prove you are old than saying, "Hey, I know your Dad". I am not familar with Bo or Cavan, but I remember Dante and Craig.

I actually know a couple of these guys, extra bonus points for a Mountain Hat card and a catcher in catcher's gear. Points taken away for the gross black vest/purple shirt that the Rockies have not actually worn since around 2006. And I got the Chrome and Base version of the Hampson, just for good measure.

I find Jumbo packs lacking in color, these each had 2 refractors...

and one each of the Draft Dividends, A.J. Puk is on the pack, so he must be ok.

And whatever parallel this is, numbered to 499 of Nick "mmmm-bop" Hanson.

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  1. "Usually my LCS trips are for supplies..."

    You keep telling yourself that. One day, you'll believe it. :)