Monday 12 December 2016

Sportlots Set Help

Continuing the impossible task of the 2011 Gypsy Queen Mini Photo Variations. The shipping was high on these, but the actual price was reasonable when spread out over a few cards. I had never even seen the Gibson before so that really sold me on making the order. These bring me up to 17 out of 100.

The disappointing part of the order being that the above Mel Ott was supposed to be a variation. It is not, just the regular mini, and the most expensive card in the order. I did contact the seller so here is hoping I get the actual one I wanted eventually.

The other cards to fill up the order and spread the shipping around was a few 1996 SP cards. There were more but here are the few I scanned, Jeff Fassero with an example of the great photography in this set, a couple A's including an Ariel Prieto sighting, and a Jack McDowell, one of the many pitchers doing non-pitch things in this set. A hugely underrated set.

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