Friday 16 December 2016

Small Zistle Trade

That's right, there are a few stubborn zistlers still around, and a few trades being made. If zistle does indeed one day go to that big web server in the sky, these are the trades I will miss. Random stuff that wasn't really even on my wantlist but found browsing peoples tradelists. Weird stuff like 1991 Leaf catchers, the veteran Jamie Quirk who has a Rockies connection as a former coach and even more veteran Rick Dempsey with a very oddly cropped card.

If you didn't believe me about the veteran parts, check out the card backs, Dempsey has parts of 4 decades on there and the mustache to prove it.

I am not a Blue Jays fan, but I was always a Pat Borders fan, solid catcher who gained a little fame as the 1992 World Series MVP.

Some 2016 Gypsy Queen help with a Tony Perez mini foil and the Bog Cat on a Power Alley insert.

And my first Gerardo Parra Rockies card, not a bad shot for Heritage, actually this set has kind of grown on me, Parra and his NL worst -2.8 WAR on the other hand, has not.

1 comment:

  1. yeah, I should be on zistle more..... I miss trading.
    sounds like a New Year's resolution.