Thursday 26 July 2018

Summertime Hockey Trade

A new project is underway after liberating my childhood Bruins binder from its banishment in a closet for close to 20 years. Collect every Cam Neely from his playing days. Here is the first step with a TCDB trade giving me a few I didn't have, some American versions of Score and a French Pinnacle. This puts me up to 180 different Neely cards.

Also included is what I think is McSorley's only Bruins card, unfortunately more remembered for hitting a guy in the head with his stick rather than a pretty good and long NHL career.

A couple new Irbe cards for the goalie binder, which has a pretty large Irbe section already.

and a couple more goalies including my first Jeff Hackett with the Bruins.


  1. I'd like to say I could help you with Neely, but you have that many so I probably can't. I'm in reorg mode on TCDB, but if we aren't already friends and you want to connect for when I have more inventory, my handle is IndyBean17.


  2. Miss the days of seeing Irbe in net for the Sharks. Good times.