Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mailday (or what I did with my ebay bucks)

 After ordering a few things around the holidays I was left with a few ebay bucks to burn up. I ended up getting the Rockies 2003 set including the cards from the traded set. This is a period when I was moving around and didn't really have the time or money to collect and spent a few years not following baseball very closely.

 First the 2003 Topps, as a Rockies fan, the blue border fits the team colors and looks pretty good. This is full of obscure Rockies I needed, Gabe Kapler, Brent Butler, Mark Bellhorn and Greg Vaughn fill some holes along with a nice rookie cup of Jason Jennings are my highlights.

The other set I got was 1993 Ultra featuring some original Rockies from the inaugural season.

 There are some decent photos in this set, nice action shots of Freddie Benavides, Joe Girardi and Andres Galarraga, and some guys that you might have forgotten were ever Rockies in Andy Ashby and Dale Murphy. Bryn Smith got the win in the Rockies first victory and Darren Holmes is just a personal favorite.

 Overall this added 12 cards to my one of every Rockie collection, giving me 228 different players, with 9 in my Check Out My Cards account. According to my list there have been 440 different players play for the Rockies, with 305 of them having Rockies cards. So going into 2012 my player collection is 77.7% complete.

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  1. Nice pick ups. I have 255 at the moment (just picked up my first Gary Bennett), and Greg Vaughn is one of the bigger names I am missing. I only have 303 Rockies listed as having cards. I did not count any multiplayer cards, so perhaps that where the difference is. We will need to compare lists at some point to see who I missed.