Saturday 13 April 2013

2013 Queen Box 2 with an extra hit

Box two ended up being much better than the first one. No dupes in box two, and both boxes together leave me 32 cards from the 300 card base set. I got my 6 SP's per box leaving me 38 cards away from the 50 short prints. Oddly enough I got the same four Gloves Stories and No-Hitters as in the first box, giving me doubles of each.

My autographs were better with Michael Morse and Vida Blue, the Nationals and A's are my number 2 & 3 behind Colorado so they kind of fit into the collection, but I would trade them for Rockies autos. The relics were just a disappointing as the first box with Scott Rolen and Corey Hart. I am not sure if Rolen is part of the active player part of the set or the classic players (because he is old you see, it's kind of a joke). The coolest part of the box was pulling a yellow printing plate of Torri Hunter, the first plate I have pulled from a pack. Printing plates are not going for huge money on the secondary market, so I might hold on to it was trade bait for a bit.

My want and tradelist will be up soon, if anyone is interested in swapping some cards.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, cool. I think I could throw some Rockies cards your way for that plate. It would be my first plate ever.