Monday, 22 April 2013

How to spend 1,600 Imaginary Dollars

A pretty interesting contest over at Drop the Gloves asking what you would buy if you had $1,600.00 to blow on eBay. As someone who is on a tight budget and is mostly limited to lower end cards, this is kind of a fun little time waster.

1) 2007-08 Upper Deck Trilogy Ice Scripts Bobby Orr ($170.00 / $170 Total)
 In my biased opinion as a Bruins fan, Saint Robert is the best Hockey player ever when you consider what he did as a D-Man and in the era that he played. It would have been amazing to see what he could have done with good knees and a couple more healthy seasons. I do have a Bobby Orr autographed puck, but I still don't have a certified auto card. Not the most expensive Orr auto around, but my love for clear thick plastic cards makes this a easy pick.

2)  1984-85 OPC Cam Neely PSA 10 ($430.00 / $600 Total)
 My copy of this card is not bad, but a PSA 10 would be too nice to pass up. Neely was my favorite player as a kid and the first and still largest of my player collections. Neely retiring was a big part of why I fell out of love with hockey. (Oddly enough this card sold as I was finishing editing this post, but I will still include it)

3) 2007 UD Premier Autograph Troy Tulowitzki ($150 / $750 Total)
 A nice looking autograph showing Tulo in his rookie year number 14 jersey. For some reason I am drawn to cards that show the player name and number on their jersey, especially so when it's an unfamiliar number like this one.

4) 1971 Topps Lee May PSA 9 ($200/ $950 Total)
 My favorite set of all-time and these black bordered beauties are the inspiration for this blog's name. I always wanted a high graded card from this set and the nice in-game shot sold me on this card.

5) 1971 Topps Thurman Munson PSA 7 ($240 / $1190 Total)
 One of my top 3 favorite cards of all-time, the only PSA 8 on the bay is asking $1,367.24, so for the interest of having more than two cards in this post I would settle with a PSA 7.

6) 1973 Topps Thurman Munson PSA 8.5 ($105 / 1295 Total)
 Another favorite card as a kid, my dad had a beat up OPC copy in his collection. A nice simple card of Munson in his gear, not as exciting as the 1971 card, but I always loved the simple catching pose. I am not as in love with the 1973 set as some people, but this, to me, is one of the best cards of the 70's.

7) 2011 Gypsy Queen Sealed Box ($250 / 1545 Total)
 You didn't think I could have a post this long without a Gypsy Queen appearance, I still need a pile of base card to complete the set and a full box would go along ways toward completing while giving me some a chance at some hits and trade bait.

8) 2012 Bowman Sterling David Dahl Autograph ($50 / 1600 Total )
 A top tier prospect for the Rockies taken with the 10th overall pick in last years draft. A player that "prospect prospectors" have been scooping up cards of putting them out of my price range. A center fielder that hit .379 as a 18 year old in rookie ball last year, reportedly has the tools to be a star for Colorado in a few years.


  1. That Orr is gorgeous! Like you, I too am a sucker for the thick clear plastic cards, especially when an autograph is involved. They NEVER look bad. Ever.

    And that Lee May card is killer. There are so many under the radar gems from the early 70s Topps baseball sets that have awesome photos, whether they are action shots like that May or goofy head shots (see most of the 1970 set).

  2. Love that choice on Bobby Orr. I have a Clark Gilies from that set and I love the look of it.