Friday 12 July 2013

PWE From The Dollar Store

After PWEing away a few cards liberated from the closet at my parents house, Sportcards from the Dollars Store returned fire with a PWE in my direction. My collection of Bobby 3 Sticks cards is pretty small so this 2013 Score RG3 is much appreciated. Along for the ride we a few random Rockies and Bruins including Tim Thomas, who no matter how squirrelly he gets, still brought us a Cup and will be forever in my good books, as long as he doesn't sign with Montreal. What Bruins fan doesn't love Terry O'Reilly, a nice card of him sporting the 'C'. The highlight has to be childhood favorite Vladimir "Rosie" Ruzicka wearing a 75th anniversary jersey that I had completely forget the Bruins ever wore. Thanks for the cards.


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