Wednesday 30 July 2014


Time to show off some Rockies from the recent COMC package, which included some bigger cards from the mailbox system. First off, a nice on-card auto of Todd Helton from 1998, or the pre-goatee era. Only my second Helton autograph, a part of my collection that is severely lacking.

Another on-card auto, numbered to 25 from my favorite Topps brand, Gypsy Queen.

Adding to the orange parallel and Nolan Arenado collections, I always like the look of Bowman Platinum, I just wish it was a more popular brand.

Sam Moll, not a big name prospect, but I love the Spring Training hat. I thought about working on a rainbow of this until I realized there are about 867 parallels in this years Bowman.

One of the worst photoshopping jobs ever, they even brushed over the metal bat and made it look wood.

Finished off with inserts of our two top pitching prospects, Jon Gray and Eddie Butler, both are struggling and will probably be broken by the time they make it to the bigs.


  1. I pulled one of the 2014 Topps S2 Arenado photo variations (wearing the Team USA jersey from the Future's Game) earlier this month. I can send it your way if you would like. Email me.