Wednesday 23 July 2014

Why I am Still Watching My Team Being Terrible

It been a tough year to be a Rockies fan. After losing 7 straight, and going 6-25 over their last 31 games Colorado is a league worst 40-100 (tied with Texas). Injuries have played a part including using 13 different starting pitchers, and losing Carlos Gonzalez, Nolan Arenado, Micheal Cuddyer and now Troy Tulowitzki to stints on the DL. The bullpen is on pace to be historically bad, and things don't look like they will be getting better. Time to look for silver lining, and I came up with six reasons to turn the game on a sit through the mess that is the Rockies 2014 season.
Nolan Arenado - Last years Gold Glove winner at third base is back from the DL and while his bat has been up and down, his defense has been stellar as always.

Corey Dickerson - a 29th round draft pick who has hit at every level, is now batting .332 with 12 home runs over 75 games with the Rockies and would need to average 4 plate appearances over the final 62 games to qualify for the batting title. While I don't expect him to win a batting title, it is fun to watch this kid hit.

Troy Tulowitzki - Leading the NL in WAR and batting average before going on the DL, Tulo is one of the most exciting players in baseball. Playing on a last place team pretty much ruins any chance at a MVP award, but depending on how long he is hurt, he has a chance at a batting title and is as fun to watch play shortstop as anyone.

Tommy Kahnle - A Rule V pick from the Yankees, Kahnle has been one of the lone bright spots in the Rockies dumpster fire that is their bullpen. Second to LaTroy Hawkins in Win Probability Added and ERA (2.80), hopefully the Rockies found a solid bullpen piece for the future.

Players like Ben Paulsen - The Rockies have had 9 players make their MLB debut in 2014, and it never gets old seeing a player come up to the bigs for the first time. Paulsen is the most recent to make his MLB debut, getting a hit in his first AB, it is always special seeing someone come up and fulfill the dream of being a big leaguer.

A glimpse at the future - I always look forward to September baseball, even if your team is terribad, when the rosters expand there is chance at seeing top prospects come up and make a impact. This year we should see more of Kyle Parker and Eddie Butler and possibly Tyler Anderson, Tom Murphy or top prospect Jon Gray.

There, I kind of feel better after that. 


  1. I could write a similar post for my Padres, though it would be only about their pitching - our offense has been "historically bad". Cargo and Tulo never seem to play many games against the Padres, but Arenado does, and you're right, the dude can glove it at third. Him and Hunter Pence are my two favorite non-Padre players in the NL West.

  2. Having rooted for a team with the most consecutive losing seasons , I often would come up with similar lists every year.