Thursday, 29 September 2016

Zistle PWE Trade

I nice little trade from zistle showing a little more diversity from what I am usually looking for. Of course there would be Gypsy Queen though, another short print down from the 2015 set, a card with a good photo, kind of a rarity for 2015 GQ.

I really like the 1983 style from this years Archives. It is a little weird that Topps chose photos that look like they are about 15 years apart from each other.

It's kind of neat when a Canadian boy can not only play for the Blue Jay, but represent them in the All-Star game as well.

A new addition to the Iannetta collection, something I haven't really been keeping up with since he left Colorado.

And the token Rockies card, I like the idea of this card, but the photo is cropped weirdly, cutting off the hat tip.

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