Wednesday 9 May 2018

April Showers Bring May Cards: 2017 Diamond Kings

Continuing on with my last post, along with the 2013 Update, I picked up two blasters of 2017 Diamond Kings, a product that I have liked the little bit I have seen, but have not opened a ton of. I really like this product, I like the feel of the cards, I like the look and other than the obvious Panini no-logo issue, these are great in my eyes. Starting with the old timers, it's a way bigger, more varied group than you see from Topps, interesting to learn a little about these guys like Harry Brecheen.

The Bill Dickey at the tops is a photo variation, which are not very hard to come by, another nice thing they do is give the variation different backs, makes sorting so much easier.

 I pulled 4 total Rockies, including two of the Aurora inserts, always happy to add new Arendaos.

The rookies come with a little different design, I think I did pretty well here with some decent players. 

Framed parallels, how I have missed you.

My big pull, a dual relic auto of Matt Szczur, sticker auto and everything, but still pretty nice out of a half price blaster.

Of all the inserts, I think these Heritage Collections are my favorites. I have probably said it in every Panini post I have made, but I really notice the no-logo thing less on the old guys.

I believe these were blaster exclusive at 1 per.

These borrow from the card backs a little keeping with the vintage feel. DiMaggio's hitting streak is still an amazing feat to me.

and lastly some modern players insert cards, these really do nothing for me, but I scanned them so here they are. 

It's a year old product, but still fun and for the sale price, totally worth it.

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  1. Of all the Panini products, DK is probably my favorite. Something about the mix of old timey players (beyond the Ruths, DiMaggios, and Aarons, etc) and the simulated paintings make the fact that it's logo-less much more bearable. Although, on that Williams insert, removing the airplane from the photograph makes it look like the man is dancing to Walk Like an Egyptian.