Tuesday 15 May 2018

April Showers Bring May Cards: 2018 Gypsy Queen

Consider my rubber arm twisted. I resisted 2 boxes of Gypsy Queen this year, but I couldn't resist a blaster. First pack, first card, see above, Shohei Otani. Nice to get that one out of the way if I decide to build the set.

Some base highlights, Marquez was the only Rockies card, and something I always thought GQ did well was catcher cards, and here are two good ones. I scanned the Osuna because of the red hat and before his legal trouble, so maybe just ignore that card.

They are still not my favorite, and I still miss the minis, but in hand these cards are not so bad, they have either grown on me, or I just stopped caring so much.

I am pretty meh on these, kind of a tall-boy mini on a boring design.

Khris Davis hot-box, pretty happy to get on of these as they are the new thing in this product. Pretty cool card actually, fits the theme, Topps gets a win on these guys (other than no Rockies in the checklist)

Here are one of these "incomplete card" parallels. My feeling on how stupid these are already exist on this blog in great detail, so I will just move on.

These are stupid too.


  1. First card of the first pack. Nice. Congratulations on getting the Ohtani out of the way.

  2. Catching up on my reading. I could use that stupid no-black Ken Giles if you’ve still got it.