Thursday 20 February 2014

A Waiting 'Til Next Year Trade

A really nice trade package from Waiting 'Til Next Year. I sent some early 1990's Donruss set needs his way, and in return received one of the best trade packages I have ever opened. I had no idea what to expect in return, but Tom obviously spend some time in my Zistle wantlist and unleashed a bubble mailer full of goodness. Trust me, I was much more exited than Mr. Hayes to the right. I feel kind of bad getting this for some crappy Donruss, so a return extra thank you package might be in order.

The two football cards were a nice surprise, Brad Edwards was my favorite defensive player growing up so his cards are always welcome.
4 More 71 Style Archives, leaving me 27 short, or still over half.
A couple randoms, Cory Hall is a Saskatchewan product, although his International parallel sadly has a California flag and not the Maple Leaf. The Ryan is a reprint that will fill the hole in my 1971 binder with the real card in a top loader, and the Posey puts me up to 4 out of the 9 puzzle peices.
More randoms, Terrence Long from a long forgotten facemask post, Larson for the perfect game PC, Tettleton with his signature batting stance on the back of an Upper Deck card, and Chris Bando from my pick for the most under-rated set of all time, 1986 Topps.
I love the Jerald Clark O-Pee-Chee, along with some Rockies Archives and a Mike Hampton Total, who might hold the record for most cards pictured with a bat by a pitcher.
A few guy new to my Rockies collections, these guys never made to majors for Colorado but are welcome additions.Thanks again for the great cards!

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  1. You are most certainly welcome. I've never really used Zistle before, and you had quite the cornucopia of cards listed. I was looking for patterns, but I couldn't decipher any.

    You cleared up most of my confusion with your trade post! Thanks!
    No return package is warranted, I'm just glad to be "this" much closer to completing another crappy Donruss set. I can't wait to get it out of the closet!