Wednesday 12 February 2014

Tony Cingrani Topps Redemption Mailday

A successful Topps Redemption post, I have heard many horror stories about the Topps redemption program, so I was pretty disapointed to pull one from a box of Chrome this summer. After contemplating selling the redemption, I decided to redeem it and last week it arrived. I don't remember when I actually entered the code, but it did take a few months and there were a few Cingranis in the wild for a while before I got mine, but overall it was a pretty painless process. I now have 1 remaining in my personal account and have had 2 out 5 redemptions in my COMC go live, that will be shown off later. These Chrome cards never scan well for me, but this is the refractor numbered to 499, nice on card auto, and while I am not usually a fan of spring training photos, it is cool to see the alternate spring training cap on a card.

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