Monday, 10 February 2014

Acetate Appreciation: 2014 Topps Clear

We have all seen pretty much everything 2014 Topps has to offer by now, but something that I haven't seen a lot on is what I have found the most exciting, the clear parallels. These have been selling very well on secondary markets so I have not acquired one yet, but judging from the scans I have seen these are pretty sweet. Paralleling the full 330 card base set, and numbered to ten, with all the parallel overload in the last couple years, this is one that I really support. Hopefully the success of these cards leads Topps to embrace the clear plastic cards and include them in future products.


  1. These are cool. I haven't seen them yet.

  2. I pulled one of Enny (?) Romero, Rays rookie pitcher. It was pretty sweet and I almost kept it, but I couldn't justify keeping that card of him in my already overcrowded collection.

  3. These DO look pretty awesome. My finger is still on the trigger for one of my favorite Padres, but I can't decide if I wanna go with that one or with the printing plate for the same card. The printing plate (1/1 magenta) is three bucks cheaper! Want to see if they'll cool off, but then I'm not sure I'll be able to snag another one.