Tuesday 18 February 2014

First Trip to LCS of 2014

I couldn't just stop at the LCS for the supplies I needed, I had to pick up some wax in the way of the last Jumbo pack of 2014 Topps there. I won't flood you with 2014 cards you have already seen, but will show off a few. Yadier Molina was the first card from the pack, a catcher with a goalie style mask, so a score for the PC. Rex Brothers was the first Rockies pull of 2014. My inserts started with Ryan Braun, an ugly card of a player I dislike, off to a rough start. I love the Furture is Now inserts, but the checklist is stupid, every player has multiple cards, how about spreading it around some, and no Nolan Arenado, Booo.

I kind of like the Rookie Cup team design, even though it wastes a ton of space, the "Before They Were Great" are nice thick cards, the Red Hot Foil are disappointing in person, they scan much darker than they really are, and another Molina, this time a Power Player insert.

Passing on buying more 2014, I picked up some 2013 Bowman Draft, highlighted by a Jose Fernandez rookie, and a Javier Baez Top Prospect. Dylan Manwaring is the son of former Colorado catcher Kirt "What is that" Manwaring. Joseph Monroe was my lone Refractor.

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  1. I really like The Future Is Now inserts. Too bad the Yankee prospects are not the best these days. I don't think they have a prospect on that set.