Monday 4 June 2012

2012 Panini Triple Play Preview

I haven't seen too many people mentioning 2012 Panini Triple Play, but the previews really caught my eye. Panini's MLBPA license allows them to make card of baseball players, but they can not use MLB logos. To me this really hurt's their other offerings, but this set featuring vector style art actually looks pretty good, I prefer the "Samurai Jack" art style of these cards to some of the awful sketch cards we have been subjected to in the past. It is nice to see a company market a product to kids instead of making a super high end set with 2 card packs for $300 a pack. From what I have seen this looks like a fun little set, cartoon artwork, and among the inserts are peel off eye-black stickers and cartoons of current players as little kids. I applaud Panini for bringing some goofyness and fun to the hobby that has become all about the "hits".

A wealth of images here.


  1. These look pretty cool and hopefully they'll be a hit. This is probably Panini's best idea as far as dealing with the lack of MLB license. It practically goes unnoticed that the team logos are absent and the illustrations are spot on. Plus, it looks like something kids might actually enjoy. I know I'll be buying (at least) a pack every trip I make to the store.

  2. These are supposed to be coming out next week. I'll pick up a few packs. :-)