Friday, 17 August 2012

Custom Cards: 2013 Topps Josh Rutledge & Carlos Gonzalez

First impressions of 2013 Topps get a big thumbs up for me, after not really digging the 2012 "surfboard" set, this is a huge improvement. I love the infield opening up to show the player photo, and using team colors in the design is great. I'm usually not a fan of using white as the main color, but I do like this, nice and clean, not to busy. Team logos on the front are a must and I really hope they stick with the hat logo instead of the primary logo, specifiably being a Rockies fan I love the interlocking CR logo over the mountain logo used on 2012 Topps. The player name looks fine as a grey gradient, but I fear the actual card will have the name in foil which I am not a fan of, but we will see. Early images show the parallels in pink and camo, the same as Topps did with the 2012 NFL set, I like the camo, pink not so much.

Instead of showing the same images of Harper and Fielder we will be seeing ad nauseam for months, I decided to try a few customs based on the early cards. They turned out pretty good and the design really leaves a lot of room for photos which is nice.

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  1. Great job on the mock-up cards!! I bope the photography improves for 2013. Loved 2011 photos, but 2012's are very flat looking and not bright like 2011.