Monday 1 April 2013

Seriously Topps?

Not an April Fools joke, although I wish it was, here we have 2012 and 2013 Gypsy Queen Yogi Berra. I noticed Topps used the same couple photos for a bunch of 2012 Drew Pomeranz cards, but they at least were cropped a little different, but using the same photo of the same player in the same brand is seriously ridiculous. I also noticed the Tulowitzki card looked familiar.WTF.

Also pointed out in the comments, Gary Carter.

Bob Gibson 2013 Mini Box Variation & 2012 Queen base mini
Jackie Robinson 2013 Mini box Variation & 2012 Queen base mini


  1. Using the same photo is an old Topps Thing. I guess they are just following tradition.

  2. Topps innovation right there.

  3. Its like a year to year parallel or something lol

  4. Gary Carter '12 / Gary Carter '13

  5. I'm not shocked or appalled when this sort of thing happens. It's just par for the course... Just think we only have 7 more years of the exclusive licensing agreement!