Tuesday 29 October 2013

A Couple Thoughts on 2013 Topps Update

Among the sets that I look forward to the most, Update is right up there, and always has been. Since my early days of collecting I always looked forward to year end sets with rookies and traded players with their new teams. This years Update really doesn't do much for me at all though.

Postives: From what I have seen Topps did a really good job with selecting photos for this years set, lots of throwback and alternate jerseys. Yup, that's the list.

Negatives: My biggest complaint this year is the checklist, focusing on the Rockies because that is who I collect, 5 out of the 11 base cards are "new" or updated (first Rockies flagship cards) players. Part of this is because of the 4 All-Star cards, which do little for me, but that is more personal preference, I really don't need 2 more Michael Cuddyer base cards. As for the other players, Christian Friedrich has been on the DL all season and has not thrown a pitch in 2013, his rookie card is in last years update so I really don't see the point in including him (Michael Pineda also fits this category). Reid Brignac was let go by the Rockies in May, signed with the Yankees, was let go by them in June, then spent the rest of the year with the Rockies AAA team on a minor league deal, yet he has a card in update, as well as a Silk parallel for some bizarre reason. The worst is Rafael Betancourt, who had a card in Series 2, and has another card in Update with a very similar photo. And how did they not include Munenori Kawasaki, I am not even Blue Jays fan and I am pissed off by this.

Another checklist issue is the "Rookie Debut" cards, do these need to exist? A lot of the guys with the rookie debut already had cards in Series 2 so these are not even "Rookie Cards", what is being updated here? Jurickson Profar has September 2012 on his rookie debut card, that is over a year ago, and had a rookie card in 2013 Series 1, which was around 9 months ago. The rest have a base card and a rookie debut card, do we really need two Anthony Rendon base cards?

Negative 2: The Sapphire parallels with all the cards from Series 1, 2 and Update. Parallel overload is something I have come to terms with, but why not give us something new, we already have blue sparkle from the wrapper redemption. Why not bring back the Diamond Sparkle or Cognac liquorfractors parallels from 2011 or the Gold Sparkle from 2012?

Negative 3: The 1971 Topps Minis, I love 1971 Topps, but I hate the 1975 size mini's, how do you display them, what is the point of making cards this size, I get the tobacco size cards but these are just annoying. If these were normal size I would be falling over myself to collect them, but Topps found a way to make me not care.

I hate this in my binders.
Negative 4: The Chasing History inserts are back with some questionable records bringing the checklist up to 150 cards. Missing are what I think are the two best set inserts from this years flagship, Chase it Down and The Elite. As far as inserts go, why not make the All-Star cards and Rookie Debuts into insert sets, leaving more room in the base set for Rookies and Traded players.


  1. The Betancourt I'm not complain TOO much about because now it probably qualifies as his "sunset" card. I doubt he will ever return from this injury. I would have rather had Jon Garland or Edgmer Escalona included though. I have no problem with the Brignac either because I'm glad he got Rockies card and he is back with the Rockies so it's not that bad.

    The Friedrich is actually explainable. He was due to be included in Series 2 as well as the Rockies packaged team set. I saw the card in an ad when the packaged sets came out this year. However, his injury caused the push back to Update and I guess Topps didn't want to waste the card they had already made. I am never going to complain about another Friedrich (who got a silk also) because he is my favorite player.

    Everything else you said, I agree with fully. Especially about the size of the 71s. Although we did just have full sized 71s in last year's Archives set. Maybe Topps needs to branch out to sets that haven't been done to death like 1953 or 1986.

  2. All good points. Especially Betancourt and the sapphire parallels.

  3. Overall, I like the set. the MLB debut is kinda excessive. I agree. should include the debut date on their regular rookie. would make them more unique. All Star cards are rather abundant too. I would like their career All Star game stats on back. would make them more collectable, for me at least. Yeah. no Kawasaki card is disappointing. Hard not root for and be a fan of the guy. Does he have any cards in MLB uniform? just WBC cards from 2009? I pulled a DiceK card as an Indian. Never played for them. oops! I guess