Wednesday 2 April 2014

A Zistle Hockey Trade

 More set help for my 2013-14 Upper Deck Hockey coming from Zistle. How can we not start with Saint Patrice. It's kind of funny how the face of franchise is from Quebec, home of the hated Habs.
Former Saskatoon Blade, Braden Holtby.
As much as I dislike the Canucks, these throwbacks are so nice I had to scan this card in.
Antti Niemi adding to the newly started Sharks goalie collection,
and Steve Sheilds for the Bruins goalie collection. Awesome card with the Cheevers tribute mask and the Winnie the Pooh alternate jersey.
There was also a sprinkling of baseball including my first 1971 mini from 2013 Update. Now that they actually make pages to fit this size, I might make an effort to collect them.

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