Thursday 19 February 2015

First Trade Package of 2015

The first trade package of 2015 has arrived, as usual through, with the usual mix of Rockies, catchers and assorted weirdness. Leading off with a card that fits the random weirdness is a 1992 Classic Draft of John Lynch, better known as a 9 time Pro-Bowl defensive back and Super Bowl XXXVII champion. Not only do we get a two sport cross-over player, but we get a pitcher at the plate card as well. Judging by the back of card, it was a good thing Lynch went with football as he is listed as having a 7.77 ERA over 20 innings.

another pitcher at the plate card with a shot of Kevin Ritz during a spring training game.
a couple parallels of two up and coming Rockies in Corey Dickerson and Nolan Arenado. Those 2014 "raining blood" parallels are so sharp.
and some sweet catcher cards, Charlie O'Brien with a Goalie Mask and a play at the plate, Lance Parrish with a cameo from the old-school pillow style umpire protectorts and a Pudge Rodriguez from a catchers only subset Masked Marauders from 1998 Collector's Choice.

and an actual football card in Kurt Gouveia, one of the few players to have every vowel in his last name (other than sometimes "y").

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