Monday 18 May 2015

Just a Taste: 2014-15 Masterpeices

Another trip to the LCS for supplies leads to a few packs, this time it's the $10 per pack Upper Deck Masterpieces, so lets see what $20 bucks gets you.

First pack got me a Anze Kopitar relic, the first this that bugs me here is the relic just plopped in the middle of the card, I really prefer when the relic window is incorporated into the card design.

a nice pull for a Bruins fan, the painted cards aren't great, but goalie masks always work.

a base rookie card, these posed shots really bring out the extra creepy factor of the painting style cards
The Black and White lessens the creep factor a little, not sure if this is a short print or just a subset.

two packs, two relics, this one numbered to 85 of Mark Messier. As someone who doesn't really care for the painted style cards, I enjoyed the two packs I ripped, if I did more hockey I would seriously think about picking up a box of this.


  1. I really miss these as baseball cards...

  2. The art looks like a slightly lesser quality than the baseball releases from a few years back, but I still like the look. I appreciate the fact that it does look like they commissioned actual artwork, rather than just photoshopping a photo to look like a painting, a la this year's Diamond Kings.