Saturday 2 January 2016

My 5 Favorite Sets of 2015

Enough with the "look-what-I-got-in-mail" posts and something with some actual content, although lists barely count, lists are easy, but I like lists, it's like mini articles and year end lists are unavoidable. So, here are my favorite sets of 2015, in no real, with no real rhyme of reason.
Topps Archives -Like Heritage only better, in-game action photos and designs that aren't from the boring 1960's (yes, they are classic vintage designs, but there are boring).  Well, there was the super boring 1957, but we did get 1976 with the cool little position icon and the two photo design of 1983.

Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball - No surprise this makes my list, Gypsy Queen is the brand I have adopted as my favorite, even if this years is probably my least favorite design. 2015 kept everything that I enjoy about this set, a mix of retired and current players, mini's and 4 hits per box.

Panini Prizm Baseball - Yes, no logos sucks, I know, but Prizm earns a place on the list by doing something a little different. I'm no "Chromey" and honestly find Topps Chrome to be pretty by the time it comes out with the same design as flagship, and Bowman Chrome is about as boring design-wise as you can get. The parallels is where Prizm really shines, the Tie-Dye refractors might be my favorite card thing from 2015, and the digital camo is pretty nice as well. I counted 15 parallels, and while not all are winners, they are at least something different from the standard Topps change the border and be done with it.

Upper Deck Tim Hortons - Not one that will make a lot of year end lists, but I stick by this one. First off, the cards are nice, design is decent and I am a sucker for foil. The inserts are interesting enough, I really like the Shining Futures and the Above the Ice inserts are something different. The thing for me about this set is that it seemed from what I saw in my limited trips to Tim Hortons, was it put cards back into the hands of kids and out of the LCS with old guys who but boxes for the hits and base cards are a nuisance.

Upper Deck CFL Football - I am just happy there is an actual CFL set out there for collectors and fans of the league up here. NFL is king, even in the Great White North, but at least there is a place at the collecting table for us. Upper Deck has always brought quality and the CFL sets are just as nice and anything out there, and adding a bigger autograph checklist is a big improvement from last years offering.

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