Sunday 15 May 2016

Zistle Trade #60

My 60th Zistle trade, way more that I thought, as I didn't really keep track for a while. Starting off with an acetate of Greg Maddux from 1994 Studio, the oldest acetate MLB card in my collection.

another Braves pitcher with Tim Hudson in his home run trot, one of the highlights from 2012 flagship.

Troy Tulowitzki wearing 14 from his 25 game MLB debut in 2006. 

Josh Rutledge on a raining blood parallel. Rutledge was a star in the making in his first couple months in the majors, but has pretty much become a utility guy now.

Matt Stairs with the Nats, I still have a soft spot for the old Expos, and both Stairs and the National fall into that category.

and two more 2013 Update 1971 style minis, just 17 more to go of these weird sized beauties.

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