Thursday, 22 September 2016

1996 Sp Box Break Summary

I have to say, this was a pretty outstanding box. Out of my 30 packs I hit the above Cal Ripken (1:45 packs) a die cut Special FX (1:75 packs) and a die cut Marquee Matchups (1:61). There no way I am doing the math to figure the odds of getting all three in a single box. As far as the set build, I got 167 out of 188 with 57 doubles (including a couple triples). Collation was weird as I got a ton of White Sox, Red Sox and almost no A's, Rockies and Marlins.

Here is the die cut Special FX, pretty cool how they die cut to the outfield fence of the park and Fenway is one of the more interesting ones in the set.

and her is the Marquee Matchup, the die cut are red, the regular are blue, these are pretty meh.

For me the highlight is the base set, I just love this design and I got really lucky on the inserts, really cool box and fun ripping some packs from back when I wore a younger mans clothes.

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  1. " I got a ton of White Sox..."

    Sounds like the greatest box ever, if you ask me.