Saturday 31 December 2016

First TradingcardDB Trade

I did finally start using TradingcardDB for some things, there is little chance I will enter my whole collection, but hopefully it will become a new trade resource. After some dicking around with their trade system one came up that worked out. Mostly Redskins and highlighted by a new Sean Taylor card, and pretty nice looking one from Bowman Chrome.

These are great, 2016 Donruss football with an obvious nod to 1990 Donruss baseball, the red teams look amazing, the rest not so much. Even the card backs have a nice "updated-retro" feel. I really feel that Panini has pulled out in front of Topps as far as card design.

The Topps Total shared player cards, super ugly, but giving us cards of obscure players that wouldn't get them other-wise, this one has the only Redskins appearance of Regan Upshaw along with Jessie Armstead and some guy who used to play for Buffalo.

Trey Williams, an un-drafted free-agent who signed contracts with the Redskins, Cowboys, Patriots, Dolphins and Colts in 2015, but only played in 2 games with the Colts.

A weirdly cropped shot of back-up receiver Aldrick Robinson, who is now with the Falcons

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