Monday 3 April 2017

2017 Gypsy Queen Box Break 1

Just in time for Opening Day, my annual 2 boxes of Gypsy Queen show up. Topps really changed this brand up, and I will cover my thoughts on that more in my summary post, for this one I will just break down what a box gets you.
175x Base Cards - A little over half of the 300 card base set with no doubles, this is pretty common really, but as a kid who opened a ton of Pro-Set hockey, prefect collation is still a wonder to me.

1x Short Prints - Again all the short prints are retired players, but instead of a box giving you 6 out of 50, you get 1 out of 20. Not sure how I feel about this, less cards, but a higher individual cost probably. 

4x Fortune Tellers - Don't let the shape fool you, these are not minis, same height as a regular card just narrower, skinnys maybe?

2x Purple - Gone are the framed borders, honestly not a huge fan of these, they really bring out the borderless feathered edge of the photo which I really don't care for.
3x Blackless = These are so unbelievably boring, what a lame excuse for a parallel.

1x Missing Name Plate - This is Jeremy Hellickson, I had to flip the card over to find that out. These are so terrifically boring, what a lame excuse for a parallel.

1x Black & White - These are so incredibly boring, what a lame excuse for a parallel. It's like someone said Sepia parallels were boring and someone else said "Just wait until to see this" 

3x Art - These are fine, I am not a huge fan of drawing cards, but whatever, at least they are not black & white.

1x Auto - Gypsy Queen autocards are always on-card and always beautiful. I way prefer this design to the base cards. Steven Wright throws a knuckleball so this is a keeper.

1x Purple Auto - Jose Musgrove is a pitcher for the Astros. This is a rookie card. It is purple and is numbered to 150. That is all I know about Joe Musgrove at the moment. This card is for trade.

I almost forgot the giant card in the box. I was too lazy to scan it so I stole this image from the internet. When I saw Glassworks I had high hopes for a nice thick acetate card, kind of like Upper Deck Ice Scripts. These are not that, they are just a chrome refractory thing. They look nice, but I am not sure how I am going to store this, and they go for like $1 on auction sites. I am also not sure about pulling a Jose Fernandez as the first card from the box, a little depressing, maybe Topps could have held off on cards of him for a while. That was box one, on to number two.


  1. If you are interested in moving the Beltre and the Hamels, I'm interested in acquiring it!

    1. *Them

      (And any other non-Ranger base cards you may have pulled in the second box)

  2. Let me know if you want to trade that "incredibly boring", "lame excuse for a parallel" of Goldschmidt.

  3. Would love to trade for that Musgrove!