Sunday 11 June 2017

COMC Spring Cleaning Sale 1: Rockies

A recent sale over at COMC led to a few purchases which led to a shipment coming my way which led to a stack of cards to scan and post. Starting with one of my top 2 favorite cards from 2016. There were a lot of Trevor Story cards covering his rookie year, but this one really stood out, not an action shot, but a different look with a dugout shot. The high socks and the black vests really sell it for me.

A set I feel is very under-rated is 1995 Upper Deck, these are both from the 3rd series. The Saberhagen card is great with his "I just got traded to the Rockies??" face and a nice shot of pre-Party Deck Coors Field. You don't get much more 1995 than Vinny's sweet shades.

More mid-1990's action with some Pinnacle and what I think they called Dufex. I really miss parallels like these.

A great horizontal card from 2009 O-Pee-Chee Black, I feel that this one of the best modern-retro sets and this card along with the Manny Corpas are great examples.

I crap on Panini a lot, but I really like what they are doing with the Diamond Kings brand. The look and feel of these cards are nice and I really need to pick up some more of these.

I absolutely love this card, 1987 Topps with the Future Stars logo and the CR hat logo. Not a fan of the foil "30th Anniversary" stamp, but still a great card.

This was the one card I wanted to pull from 2017 Gypsy Queen, so when it showed up for a reasonable price, I jumped on it. I was super high on David Dahl this year, but he has been hurt all year and doesn't look like he will be back soon.

Call me a hypocrite, call me a horrible person, I deserve it. After promising myself to boycott Beckett after what they did to my beloved Zistle, I caved and got this card graded by them. I fell for the prospector BGS grading hype. The 9.5/10 isn't great, but at least I have a nice card as my first Riley Pint.

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