Wednesday 23 May 2018

April Showers Bring May Cards: 2016 Threads

Finally finishing off my April Showers Blowout order, this was one that really caught my eye after missing out on it during the Black Friday sale, 2016-17 Panini Threads Basketball.

A sample of the base, cards 1-150 are veteran base cars, there were about 70 base in the box.

Cards 151-200 are base rookies, I got about 25 of them, pretty good amount for one box.

Cards 201-230 are Leather rookies, I was promised 2 and pulled two. There are also wood (231-254) and micro-etch (255-287) but I was blanked on these.

And my lone base parallel, a Century Proof Red numbered to 199. There are some sweet parallels in this product, but they are pretty hard to pull.

Lots of inserts to be had, in total

2x Hardwood Pioneers
4x Front-Row Seat, including 1x red parallel
3x Board of Directors, including 1x red parallel
4x Floor Generals, including 1x red parallel
3x High Octane, including one holo parallel.

These are the parallel insert, including the chromey-my-scanner-sucks Isiah Thomas

Two of these weird things, one is already on it's way to a new home. Kind of a weird vinyl feel like the Diamond Kings cards. A neat idea, just didn't really turn out.

My promised auto Dorian Finney-Smith, not really familiar with him, and this card does tell me much other than he wears number 10 for Dallas.

By far my favorite card of the box, a Larry "Grandmama" Johnson relic. A player from my youth with a non-white swatch, kind of a 90's teal thing.

Nothing great, but a fun, cheap break that scratched my wax itch for a while. I'm not building the set so if anyone is looking for some basketball, most of these are for trade.

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