Monday 9 July 2018

COMC Everything Else.

Buried in my scan folder was the rest of my recent COMC order, starting with a 1950 Bowman Dick Fowler, the first Canadian to pitch a no-hitter and pretty much forgotten until James Paxton threw his.

Some random Flair Showcase, if these are cheap enough, I will always buy singles of this set.

I am intrested in Japanese baseball cards, so I felt I needed to add Masanori Murakami to my collection, the first Japanese major leaguer. I really like the 1990 Pro Set football feel of this card.

Speaking of football, there were a few Redskins in the order, I hate sticker autos, but I like Breeland and this card numbered to 25 to pick it up.

More sticker auto, but no choice here, DeAngelo Peterson only have Redskins cards with autos as part of a Panini Sticker dump and this is Jaison Williams only card, bad photoshop and all.

Two more Brad Edwards with some Stadium Club parallels.

Two more for the seemingly endless 2014 Upper Deck CFL set build.

and finally a re-print of former Calgary Stampder Eddie LeBaron

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  1. Nice Murakami! It's nice seeing a new card of him out there. Always did enjoy the 1990 Pro Set design.