Monday 22 October 2018

A Rare Intraprovincial Trade

A rare trade in which the cards didn't even have to leave the province, the start being St. Robert from last years Canadian Tire set, followed up by a big stack of set help.

74 cards from 2012 Prestige, finishing of my base set and adding a few more rookie short prints putting me well on my way to completing my first NFL set ever. 

A guy who really looks good in Burgundy & Gold this year and is on pace for 1,000+ rushing yards.

It might be a 6 year old set, but things remain constant.

Josh Freeman, who was last seen smoking darts in downtown Winnipeg. (Seriously)

Peyton Manning on his way to Denver

and a throwback too good not to scan.

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  1. Never seen the UD Canadian Tire set... but I really like that design.