Wednesday 16 January 2019

First Mailday of 2019

A card that I was watching online for a while and decide to buy before missing out. Canada often gets snubbed on WBC cards (Freddie Freeman was the only player to get a card the last time), but in 2009 Konami made a 253 card set with quite a few players including this Pete Orr, who has been a part of a few Team Canadas but this is his only international card. This pickup only leaves me with Mike Johnson, Russell Martin and Jason Bay to finish the team set.

The seller also threw in a couple Japanese cards from Owner's League, which I had never heard of, just like the Konami WBC cards they are a little smaller with rounded corners, above is Daisuke Kusano from what I gather to be 2010 Series 2...

and this insert from 2014 Owners League of Takuya Asao, probably thrown in a junk to protect the card I bought, but I have a fondness for Japanese cards so they are a welcome addition.

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  1. Konami had WBC cards? That's really cool. Best of luck on wrapping up that team set.