Monday 22 April 2019

NFL Frankenset start from Sportlots

New Project, Football Frankenset, full of throwback jerseys, bad weather cards, kicker, punters, offensive lineman and other random weirdness. Posted in the order I get them more often than in numerical order.

001 - 2005 UD Legends - Charley Taylor

I am making a point of not flooding this with Redskins cards, but I couldn't resist this one. Great vintage photo, single bar facemask, and my favorite uni combo, burgundy tops with gold pants. Also Hall of Famer and a photo that can be tracked back to Super Bowl VII.

008 - 2013 Topps - Antonio Brown

Decent photo, great player and the crazy "bumblebee" throwbacks make for an easy selection. Also a Redskins cameo from Cedric Williams.

015 - 1998 Playoff Prestige Retail - Gilbert Brown

This is what a football player is supposed to look like, what a monster.

030 - 2012 Topps Prime - Aaron Rodgers

What I am calling the "Golden Age of Throwbacks", back when the NFL allowed alternate helmets, the fuax-leather with the Green Bay 1929 Throwbacks.

031 - 2010 Topps Prime - Darrelle Revis

More throwback goodness with one of my favorites, the Jets from when they were The Titans of New York , awesome jerseys, awesome name.

040 - 2008 UD First Edition - Jason Witten

Balancing the Redskins bias with some Cowboys, a helmet-less Jason Witten completing the play against the Eagles. Helmet-less action shots are a no-brainer entry here.

043 - 2002 Prestige - Ryan Leaf

Remember when Ryan Leaf was with the Cowboys? Neither did I, but he started 3 games, going 0-3 with Dallas in 2001 in a season that also saw Quincy Carter, Anthony Wright and Clint Stoerner start games for them.

045 - 2010 Rookies and Stars - Knowshon Moreno

I believe this is the only card to feature these 1960 Broncos throwbacks, they were only worn once, and that is shame because they are something else, highlighted by the vertical striped socks.

059 - 1995 Metal - Anthony Miller

A callback to the 1962-1966 AFL jerseys with a sweet bucking bronco logo on the orange helmet. Also on an overproduction favorite of mine, 1995 Fleer Metal.

061 - 2013 Rookies & Stars - Tim Tebow

A rare "zero year" NFL card, after spending 2012 with the Jets, Tebow signed with the Patriots for the 2013 pre-season, but was cut before the season started.

066 - 2008 Stadium Club - Chris Cooley

More Redskins bias, just a nice Stadium Club shot of a serious spike with the crowd in the background and the Redskins 75th anniversary patch on the jersey.

076 - 2008 Donruss Classics - Kevin Curtis

Maybe the worst throwback uni's in history going back to a 1934 design that was based on the Philadelphia city flag, which itself is based of the Swedish flag.

210 - 2013 Topps - Rob Gronkowski

Gronk in the classic "Patriot Pat" uni that was worn from 1961-1992, and as a throwback in 1994, 2002 and from 2009-2012. Sadly, another causality of the "one shell" rule.

231 - 2011 Topps - Danny Woodhead

A better shot of "Patriot Pat".

381 - 1994 Ultra - Leonard Russell

Another appearance of the bucking bronco AFL throwback.

557 - 1994 Stadium Club - Kevin Greene

1994 was the NFL's 75th anniversary, and featured some beauty throwback, including the Steelers throwing back to the 1993 Pittsburgh Pirates looking like a weird soccer uniform. 

563 - 1994 Stadium Club - Bryce Paup

The Packers 1994 offering, based off the 1937-1948 jerseys with a crazy yellow helmet.


  1. Cool throwbacks. I have found myself holding on to some cards of players and teams I would normally filter into my Football Team Traders group box that I am keeping for my PC because they are cool throwback unis like the Blue and yellow Eagles unis, and the Packers yellow dot with numbers deal. OH and I see what you did with the helmet-less no-brainer deal.

  2. Awesome idea for a FrankenSet.
    On a separate note: Gilbert Brown was a beast!