Monday 24 June 2019

A Rare Blogger Trade

A rare fellow blogger trade, with a little help from TCDB, with $30 a week habit. Starting off with some more Bruins from my recent run on hockey. A faux-throwback Brandon Carlo rookie and an actual throwback from 2001 Topps. I still find it super weird Jason Allison was the Bruins leading scorer for a few years.

Two new Neelys as I fill in my PC of pre-retirement cards.

A beauty Gold Medallion parallel from 1995 Ultra, the golden age of parallels, in Blaine Lacher who was a big deal for about 10 minutes.

Christian Friedrich joining the collection of high draft pick, failed Rockies pitchers.

One more checked off the 2013 Update 1971 Style Minis setting me at 36/50.

Jeff Samardzija on a short term stop with Oakland, this card is also neat because the base card is photo-shopped into a White Sox jersey.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh. Seeing Samardzija just reminds me of the summer the A's completely choked.