Friday 19 July 2019

Hide Your Cat For This Trade

I'm going to bury the lead a little here and start with a couple Rockies, a super shiny Saberhagen and a Zero-Year Rudy Seanez who would pitch in 544 MLB games, but none with Colorado.

Some new Bruins from my recent hockey TCDB wantlist update, Bill Ranford surrounded by eyeballs from the crazy 1996 Metal Universe, Bruins fan favorite PJ Stock and Landon Wilson.

Marc Edwards and Jarious Jackson from the few years I watched college football, and Jackson with a strong CFL connection.

Bouillabaseball!! These were a favorite of mine when they came out as an Alf and baseball fan, I have never seen the white border Topps before, the Canadian ones were yellow and red.

Not just some Bouillabaseball, the complete 1988 Topps set, numbers 23-44 continuing on from 1987's 1-22.

I am 8 years old again, I love it.


  1. The title of the post confused me until I saw Alf.

  2. Love the Bouillabaseball cards. I picked up a set a few years ago. Gotta did it out to see if I have the white bordered one... or the Canadian version.

  3. I was a huge Alf fan as a kid, but I don't remember these cards. I think I had cards from the show, though.

    Also that Leaf Limited set is sharp. I've been tempted to start a Saberhagen PC for a while. He's got a lot of cool cards.