Thursday 26 March 2020

Trading with Canadians 2020.2

A tcdb trade from before things got weird, highlight by, yes, a 1990 Pro Set card. For all the Pro Set I opened and traded for, I never have a Ray Bourque "corrected" variation, until now. A much as this set epitomizes "junk wax", it has really grown on me over the years, including all the little errors and quirks in the set.

A personal favorite in Alexei "low hard shot" Kasatonov and Jason Allison proudly sporting the Pooh era jersey.

One of my favorite designs of all-time, 1992 Pinnacle, which oddly released both an English only and bilingual set with different photos on the front.

A couple more nice looking early 90's sets.

And a couple for the "One of Every Bruins" collection, including Young Gun Tyler Randell, Hall of Famer Bobby Bauer and Dean Malkoc on his only Bruins card.

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  1. Huge fan of 1990-91 Pro Set hockey! I'd love to one day own a set with all of the different variations.