Monday 18 May 2020

Mail Still Coming in, Slowly.

Sometimes I just can't help myself. I know I have a backlog of packages on the way, and I know things are moving painfully slow, but I just can stop. This one being an order from Sportlots, I have been looking for the above two cards for a long time, so when I found them, I jumped, no matter how long it was going to take (The seller was Canadian so it only took two weeks). These sneak into the "One of Every Rockies" collection on a weird rule I have, minor league cards don't count, unless the team name is Rockies. 

Mike Farmer the first Rockies replacement player from the 1995 strike to make the majors, and you could say he had a largely forgettable 7 games in the big. I can't say that though, I still remember his second career start, pitching 7 innings of 2 run ball, and set to earn his first career win against Greg Maddux of all people, then watching the Rockies bullpen blow a 5-2 lead in the ninth and ultimately lose it in the 10th. A quality start, no decision is not quite up there with beating Greg Maddux. 

Terry Jones on the other hand, I have no memory of his 12 games with Colorado.

As I said, the seller was Canadian, so there was hockey to fill out the order, including some 1994 Parkhurst Missing Link to fill in some holes in the "One of Every Bruin" collection, including a rare Terry Sawchuk as a Bruin card.

Can't go wrong with Stanley Cup cards, and the Seguin with the patch they wore for the banner raising night.

Three more Cam Neelys bringing me up to 223 unique cards

My first Bryan Berard as a Bruins with a Pooh Jersey

and finally Wayne Cashman with former team-mate Phil Esposito in the background.

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