Tuesday 2 June 2020

3, 3, 3 Trades in One!

Three trades mashed together to clear out the scan folder, starting with some 1984 Topps from old twitter friend and now TCDB friend JennyMiller521, Bilardello for the catcher binder and Mike Morgan for a project I am working on.

Fan Favorite where ever he played, Muni Kawasaki, and Jon Gray looking pretty metal on his Big League card.

Some former Rockies from 2019 Update.

and a small stack of 2018 Gypsy Queen, putting me at 248/320 for the set.

The next trade was a straight 2020 Heritage for 2020 Gypsy Queen, 14 cards for a set build that will probably be similar to 2018 mentioned above.

and finally a hockey PWE with a couple new Bruins and my secret man-crush and favorite non-Bruin Erik Karlsson.

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