Friday 20 November 2020

Sportlots: 9 from 3

The post-season review of my One of Rockies spreadsheet showed that I have been ignoring the project a little bit, the remedy was a visit to sportlots. I was a little surprised, but very happy to see some of the on-line only Topps products listed, including these two from 2019 Total with catcher Drew Butera who has surprisingly spent parts of 3 season with the Rockies despite hitting .167 and Tim Melville who was a pretty good story going from Independent leagues to a short term cult hero.

and a couple 2020 Total with two Topps Total players, a middle reliever and a emergency starter/bullpen longman.

The old "filler until the next shipping tier cards" a couple from the online-only Topps 206 set, a faux-vintagey set that is pretty ugly, but I am still looking for my tobacco size card fix.

More filler, Muni Kawaski who also could be called a cult hero, and a Rockie that never was in Kent Matthes

and a single card mail-day with a 2011 Gypsy Queen photo variation Brooks Robinson, the set I will never finish is now at 33/100.

Also bonus points to you if you read this far and got the Bad Company reference.


  1. Kawasaki was hilarious. Loved that guy.

  2. Muni was quite a character. I always like to see those unsung players - backups, middle relievers, utility guys - get at least one card.