Monday, 1 March 2021

February Mail Round-up

Things are very slow card-wise here, but a few trades and purchases this month give me something to post about. Starting off with this beaut, I don't buy singles on everyone's favorite auction site, but the odd time a card jumps out and says "Hey, if you can find me at a reasonable price with reasonable shipping, probably from a Canadian sellers, you should buy me." This time I listened to the talking cards unnecessarily long ramble and bought this from the new Upper Deck. These inserts come in different colors and are all pretty nice, but this is pretty close to team colors, and the alt jersey appearance sealed the deal.

More Bruins beauties, give me spoked B's and Stanley Cups on the same card, all day, everyday. These are seriously nice in hand.

And from the same trade, another goldy shiny Pasta in the alt unis.

Different trade, different alt unis, same team, from a weird time when Score put out two different base sets, one for Canada and this one being from the American set.

A couple Redskins, Trent Williams parallel as the base is currently living in the Frankenset, Ricky Ervins from the gorgeous Pro Set Platinum product, and an early Stadium Club of Stan Humphries who would go on to play in a Super Bowl with the Changers.

And some random baseball, at some point I added a bunch of Rickey Henderson cards to my wantlist and a great catcher card of Chad Kreuter for the Tools of Ignorance binder.

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